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our mission

Sinsila’s mission is to restore urban environments in cities by educating, inspiring, and empowering local communities. We equip residents with the tools to develop local, sustainable solutions, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling active positive change. Our holistic approach includes urban healing, community engagement, urban planning, economic empowerment, sustainability, and ecology.

Our Team
Tareq Nassar
Director and CoFounder
Architect and urban planner, Initiator and Co-founder of Sinsila Center. Started establishing Sinsila in 2019 with the aim of creating hope and developing the urban environment in my city ”Jerusalem”
Hanan Amasheh
Place making project manager
I started at Sinsila as a volunteer in its early stages and I eventually became the manager of the Placemaking and design section
Maryam Odeh
General Manager
General manager of Sinsala Center. Grateful for leading projects and initiatives full of hope, passion, innovation and impact on society and the environment
Dania Abu Khalaf
I work in placemaking , selecting and designing projects in my second home “Sinsila” ,The place that releases the passion and the hope in me towards the city
Zahia Abu Rmeleh
Bees’ Supervisor
From the first beekeepers of Sinsila. I work now as a bees’ supervisor. From taking care of the bees to producing different organic products from its wax
Ameer Al Barq
Bees project manager and artist
I work as a manager of the bee project at Sinsla Center. I’m a nature lover and anything related to it. Working at Sinsila helped me develop my capabilities and learn about the world of bees
Mona Suliman
Director of the Bee Project
I work as project coordinator at Sinsila Center, The place that drive us to love work, passion and development, and the suitable place to present ideas as well as their application in practice
Diaa Odeh
Maintenance Technician
I work as a technician carrying out projects at Sinsila Center, hardworking person and love development, and Working at Sinsila helped me develop my capabilities and my skill in a place full of hope and passion
Aziza Badran
Bees Supervisor
I started at Sinsila Center as beekeeper and Ieventually became a supervisor for the bee project and I’m working on producing natural products from honey. Sinsila is my head start to move on
Lana salah
Architectural engineering, I work in the placemaking project and I find Sinsila center more of a lifestyle than a work
Luke Zeller
Bees Supervisor
I studied community development. During these studies I got the opportunity to work with Tareq in the beginning of Sinsila and have watched it grow into an amazing community center for the people of East Jerusalem
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