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Announcement: Join Our “Work and Hope” Project for Green Jobs in Jerusalem

We are thrilled to introduce our latest initiative, the “Work and Hope” project, dedicated to creating green job opportunities in East Jerusalem. We are extending an invitation to 40 enthusiastic and motivated young individuals, both males and females, to join us for a transformative journey lasting 7 months, commencing in early September. During this immersive […]

New Collaborations Blossom as Sinsila Center and Halabah Project Join Hands in Sakhnin

12/09/2023 – Sinsila Center for Urban Transformation and the Halabah Project have embarked on an exciting partnership aimed at renewing and revitalizing the city of Sakhnin. This collaboration began with a visit to Sakhnin and a lecture delivered by Tareq Nassar, the architect, urban planner, and founder of Sinsila Center. A photo during the meeting […]

The Benefits of Honey Products

The Benefits of Honey Products discover The benefits of raw honey include the nutrients and antioxidants it contains. Honey is also better for your blood sugar and your heart, and it may promote healing. Honey is a syrupy liquid that honeybees make from plant nectar. Contains a variety of nutrients Improve health and immune support […]

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